Bruce Gough

President - Founder

Bruce Gough, President and Founder of BGO Productions, has an impressive background. As a musician, a singer, an organizer, and a producer, he is a true entrepreneur who, in 2010, founded his own booking agency. It was inevitable since he has been an active artist in the music industry and in event planning for the past 32 years and with such an elaborate journey, he developed the expertise needed to head this type of agency.  Corporate shows, casinos, fundraisers and festivals are only a few of the 600 annual events serviced by his reputed company.

BGO Productions’ success is not only due to its competence; its president and founder is a man of passion who’s guided by values and holds in high regards his work and personal relationships. Also, he has a knack for recruiting key individuals in order to build successful teams. His main exclusive band SHINE, founded in March of 2000, is, to this day, one of the most sought-after cover bands in Quebec. With BGO Productions, Bruce offers a teamwork mentality, imprinted with loyalty and mutual respect in order to guarantee complete satisfaction to all his clients.

Bruce Gough, President
Bruce Gough, Président
Nancy Loof, Vice-presidente
Nancy Loof, Vice-présidente

Nancy Loof


For the past 30 years, dancer, choreographer, project manager and coordinator, Nancy Loof literally worked in every field of Quebec’s artistic domain. Accomplished, conscientious and determined, she is also a veteran businesswoman. In 1999 and in 2010, she founded, respectively, Zebre Productions and Azura Évènement Inc., two complementary businesses in which she exploited her unlimited creativity in a dynamic and highly competitive field.  With a remarkable business sense and a peerless professionalism, BGO Productions’ Vice-President will meticulously guide your project in a stress free and convivial manner.